OK, let's give a try. I've been willing to take the 365 photo challenge already for quite some time. Most likely I'll drop out at some point, but let's give a try. There's quite some new things with the challenge I set to myself.

I've decided to upgrade my gear to Sony A99MK2 and at the same time to get rid of Lightroom and Photoshop and start learning Capture One and Affinity Photo instead. From the beginning it's going to be quite a bit of learning, but at the same time I hope through these pictures I can see my learning curve when looking back later on.

Simple rules: Photo per day from Jan 1st 2017 till the end of the year. Shot need to take place every day. Not being too hard to myself, editing and publishing don't need to be on daily basis but can be done in smaller patches.


© Toni Linden, toni at linden dot fi

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